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Prefabricated house in Melbourne's City Square can produce more energy than it uses

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"What I find interesting here is the fact that this a house besides being an active house, which I very much welcome, it is also a prefabricated house. This opens a world of opportunities for the prospect of large scale fabrication. What the article does not reveal is how the building is constructed. If they have an element of disassembly in the project. If this is the case then all the more reason to be inspired by this project. One of the closest similarities we have in Scandinavian who I know of is the Norwegian based "Aktiv-hus" whom also work with affordable active-housing" d-ark

Modular buildings specialist ArchiBlox has unveiled its prototype for a compact carbon-positive house, featuring "edible garden walls", a sunroom and an insulating grass roof

Described by ArchiBlox as the world's first carbon-positive prefabricated house, the Archi+ Carbon Positive House is designed to produce more energy than its uses – over its lifespan it is expected to offer the same environmental benefits as 6,095 native Australian trees

Designed to face north, this room creates a pocket of warm air that will help to insulate the interior during the cold winter months, but will also protect the main living spaces from harsh sunlight in summer. ArchiBlox calls it the "lungs of the house".

At the rear of the space, one wall is covered in plant pots that residents can use to grow their own herbs and vegetables.


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