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the past, present and future

I need to clarify something before I start all of this. I do not want to disappoint anyone who might be interested and actually read this. I am not an intellectual and certainly not one to claim that the written word is a strong suit. Fortunately, there is help to found in this regard, one of which I am using to help me improve. Furthermore, it would be a fair argument that it would be easier to use my native tongue Danish. However, I have seen activity on my website previously suggesting interest from people outside Denmark.

So the decision on the English word is twofold. The lesser of the two is that it's been several years since I have lived abroad. It simply feels good to get back into the English language again and therein the specificity and depth to which one can articulate, formulate and outline thoughts. It can, of course, be achieved in Danish as well, but if one wishes to reach a broader audience across borders, it is, in my estimate, safe to say English is the way to go.

The second and most important of the two is that I, by some miraculous luck, will be able to engage with people anywhere to discuss my thoughts. The aim, I think, at least partial, is to make my ideas stronger through debate, talks and the written word. As I see it, any input, not the least from someone who thinks and acts differently from me, is of crucial importance and most welcome.

We'll see what happens, it may be just for me alone, but that is okay too because I will have the opportunity to readdress and come at my thoughts from different angles.

The matter at hand is where and how to start this endeavour. I am wandering into unknown territory here, in ways ascending myself into chaos. I am doing it willingly because it is necessary, but I am not doing it blindly.

As previously mentioned, psychology has been on my mind of late. Our psyche has always fascinated me but never done much in pursuing knowledge in this area until recently.

I decided to start with the psychology of the bible. It seemed as good a place to start as any. I wanted to get a better understanding of how we act and why. The aim, I think, is to use the knowledge to understand how psychology affects how we inhabit places and spaces, especially our homes.

I realized that I needed to understand myself better if I were to understand others.

I found a program named "Understand yourself", co-created by Jordan Peterson. I started to listen to Jordan Peterson due to his talks about the psychology of the bible. I soon realized that there was more on his mind about how we act and why.

Jordan Peterson also co-created a program called The Future Authoring Program, which helps set up goals for the future, explore ones past and present. I will use The Future Authoring Program as the baseline for gathering my thoughts and ideas. I hope that it will help structure and streamline this process for me to reengage and discuss whatever I put out.

I will start, as mentioned, by sharing the results of the "Understand My Self" program and then engage in the "Future Authoring Program."

Till next time



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