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Vo Trong Nghia's Farming Kindergarten has a vegetable garden on its looping roof

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Despite a tight budget, the Vietnamese architects wanted the building to become a prototype for sustainable school design, where children can learn how to grow their own food.... "Vietnam, historically an agricultural country, is facing changes as it moves to a manufacturing-based economy, taking its toll on the environment,".... The surface of the roof is covered in grass and plants to create an extra garden. It slopes down to the ground at two ends to allow easy access, then rises up over two levels of classrooms.


"This is a really nice example of brining history, education and sustainability together. The project acts on many levels, for one it gives back to the environment by implementing a green roof. I like the fact that the green roof becomes more than just roof, but a usable recreational surface and furthermore that children in the city learns about farming which is a part of Vietnams history. Thereby touching one of the bigger topics when talking sustainability namely urban farming. Located in the vicinity of what look like a larger city the green roof not only slows rainwater releasing the stress on drainpipes most of it is being recycled". d-ark

A lot of the initiatives in this project could easily be transferred to other countries like Denmark for instance.


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