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First post in 2022

So why has it been quiet in here the past two years? Well, life... in its literal form. I was left with an occupational dilemma as we were expecting our second child. Should I continue as an independent architect or put that aside, at least for a time, and get a regular full-time job. The decision fell upon the full-time job because of a stable salary, work hours and the wish to have colleagues once more after sitting two years by myself. But having more or less missed about a year of my oldest life when she was born, I did not want to miss more time with either of the kids due to being independent. So the decision was easy in the end.

In January 2020, I started a new position at "Bygningsfornyelsen" (Building renewal) in the Technical department in the municipality of Copenhagen. The job appealed to me because I could help even more people.

What we do in "Bygningsfornyelsen" is financially support privately-owned multi-story buildings. The support comes with a certain amount of demands. The demands ensure that the projects we support maintain the building's originality as much as possible or even roll back some previous renovation to gain this goal.

The overall focus is to make sure that the history of the Copenhagen built environment is maintained.

As I mentioned, I am two years into my employment. I am comfortable in my position, kids have grown and Corona is very close to being a thing in the past - at least here in Denmark. All in all, I will make an effort to be more visible on my blog than prior and in a different form than previously.

I do not yet know where I am going or if the written word will be the only format. However, I have a lot of thoughts regarding architecture, psychology, the bible and more that I need to get out in the open. I find that I need to formulate my thoughts and ideas more thoroughly. I hope that what is to come will help with that, and any discussion is welcome.

Kind regards




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